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Smart Insurance

Offering homeowners smart technology with an affordable policy designed to mitigate risk.

But first we need to know what you’re looking for.


Basement to attic, garage to shed our policies are digitally matched for the optimum coverage for your home. Fire. Water. Theft. Breakdown.

Sewer Line:

Sounds gross but not as gross as paying the bill. Damage caused by underground service lines can be costly. This coverage helps fix the failed line and any damage it caused.


Worried about water in the basement? We have coverage for the foundation, dwelling, and even your personal property caused by seepage or leakage of water. We'll also install water sensors, so this kind of loss is mitigated because when it comes to leaking water, minutes matter.

Water backup and sump pump overflow:

Remember the last time your pump failed because it shifted, and the float didn’t trigger? We can provide coverage up to $15,000 for this.

Appliance or electronic breakdown:

Things break. This coverage helps you replace the appliance or item which has broken as well as expenses for the damage it caused.

Identity theft:

If your identity should be stolen this coverage will help pay for the expenses. We'll even assign a fraud specialist who will assist you through the process.

Let’s Connect Your Dots

Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll design a starter smart home package and customize your homeowner’s insurance policy so it’s just right for you.

You’ll also get preventative maintenance tools and insurance savings that over time will lead to lower home maintenance costs.

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