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Smart Home Technology

Sensors, software, and an app
make you fully in the know
about what’s up with your house.

Our customers benefit by receiving smart home hardware kits for monitoring to improve their home insurance experience and the overall home ownership experience.


Smartinsure provides a set of security and other devices and a connection to your WiFi that gets you set up on a smart home system that helps you manage your home with us monitoring it in case of emergency. We also offer direct cellular connection to our service for those that want an extra layer of connectivity.


We give you a standard home security kit for your home that is WiFi based and we include security monitoring for that system standard and free of charge with every insurance policy we write.


We insure you with homeowners insurance that protects you from the regular things like fire and water damage and many more that we also help you prevent. To read more about our insurance policies and coverage in Texas and Florida with Bankers Insurance click here.

Home Security + Smart Home

We give you a super easy-to-use home security app that also has a smart home app inside so you can connect and automate your smart home lights, thermostat, outlets, garage door, locks and so much more!

Home Insurance

Smartinsure offers home insurance exclusively through Bankers Insurance. Since 1976, Bankers Insurance Group has grown from a small local company to a diverse corporation that offers the broad-based expertise and technological resources of a national company doing business in more than 45 states. Bankers has been able to help its clients quickly recover from more than 40 weather catastrophes, including hurricanes, flooding, wind and hail damage, and more. Through decades of experience, they have become dependable experts on the best ways to bring reliable and responsive service to all of their customers.