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Smartinsure is an insurance agency focused on proactive monitoring with smart home technology for loss prevention.

Smartinsure is an insurance agency focused on proactive monitoring with smart home technology for loss prevention. Our customers benefit by receiving smart home hardware kits for monitoring to improve their home insurance experience and the overall home ownership experience.

Smartinsure is revolutionizing the insurance industry with a technology-first approach to homeowners’ protection leveraging Internet of Things (IoT) devices and data to create a portfolio of connected homes that are protected by a proactive monitoring solution aimed at mitigating risk and preserving properties which helps both the insurers and the insured.

By cooperatively partnering with best-of-breed insurance providers and validating several mitigation and protection metrics through the integration of IoT devices, Smartinsure fine tunes the homeowner’s policy. Our approach is not designed to ‘set and forget,’ but to engage the insured through their own smart home so the homeowner can better understand how their actions impact their risk profile and cost of insurance.

As an insurtech organization, we envision becoming a homeowner’s partner that invests in better insurance and smart technology to deliver far more value than any of our peers. That value comes back to the customer in the form of transparent pricing where the insured feels in control of their risk mitigation alongside a fully-realized smart technology experience.

Smartinsure headquarters are in Louisville, Colorado. We offer smart home packages throughout the U.S. We are rolling out our insurance services in phases starting with Bankers Insurance in Texas, followed by North Carolina, Florida, and Colorado, and expanding throughout the U.S as a carrier. By implementing our smart home insurance services state-by-state, in combination with our initial benchmark data, we can provide the best insurance solutions by region and market.


The Smartinsure team has over 20 years of insurance expertise coupled with a group of senior executives from IoT, including electrical engineering and computer science Ph.Ds.

Daniel Turgel

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

Daniel previously spent six years at Arch Reinsurance in a variety of underwriting and marketing roles including the establishment and leadership of the Lloyd’s China Arch Syndicate branch. After moving to Boulder, Colorado in 2016, Daniel started outfitting his house with smart home gear and wanted to give homeowners a new insurance solution focused on prevention.

Louis Turgel

President and Co-Founder

Prior to co-founding Smartinsure, Louis served as counsel to Federman Steifman LLP and was associated with Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP in New York City. Louis’s legal background is in a combination of corporate and real estate, representing clients across a broad-based commercial transactional practice.

Mindy Bockewitz

Chief Underwriting Officer

Mindy has been helping others with their insurance needs since 1997. Placement of proper coverage and understanding the complexity of insurance protection has been her goal for every agent, client and prospect along the way. She holds five insurance designations including Chartered Property & Casualty Underwriter and Certified Insurance Counselor. She served in an underwriting role for two highly respected carriers as well as worked in the independent agency sector.



Frequently Asked Questions

Does Smartinsure offer more than just homeowners insurance? If so, what is the planned product mix?

Smartinsure currently offers homeowners insurance and flood insurance coupled with our smart home technology kit. Stay tuned, we have plans to expand to more.

Which carriers do you represent?

For Texas and Florida Properties, we are working with Bankers Insurance.

How do I report a claim?

Claims will be handled by the carriers and can be reported here. A dedicated claims advocate will be assigned to all customers.

Smartinsure has a service team to assist or help them call the carrier. Smartinsure can also assist the customer to contact the carrier to file claims by helping them log into the carrier website or call the carrier.

Why is Smartinsure offering a smart home kit?

Smart home devices bring an additional layer of knowledge as to the status of the home. By monitoring for common household problems such as water leaks or low temperatures, we help to protect the home from common damage. Together, Smartinsure and homeowners are mitigating risk through technology.

How will you ensure they are installed correctly?

Smartinsure representatives will evaluate existing devices to ensure that they are installed correctly and are working properly through a combination of remote monitoring, quality assurance and sampling, as well as customer service calls.

Can I upgrade my starter kit?

Not currently, but stay tuned, we have plans for more devices in the future.

Will you insure smart home products that are already installed?

Homes with existing smart home devices are eligible for coverage under the Smartinsure policy; however, devices will need to be on our list of approved devices in order to qualify for discounts and/or acceptance into the program. Contact us and we will discuss your needs.