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Prevent. Protect. Preserve.

Smart Homeowners
get the connection.

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Instead of paying a claim after something happens, we reward you for using Smart home technology to prevent claims from happening in the first place.

Lower premiums. Less drama.
It’s just a smarter way to do insurance.

Here’s how SmartInsure connects the dots:


the accidents and issues that cause claims with smart home technology.


your home with home insurance.


your home and peace of mind by combining the two.

More Than an Ounce of Prevention
Which would you prefer:

Never having water
damage from a leak.


Sleeping in a hotel
for 3 months.

Exactly! And that’s the simple idea that SmartInsure is built on.

Smart homeowners like you would rather avoid problems than fix them. And using smart home devices and an app, you can monitor your property and the personal belongings you cherish, and protect your loved ones.

That can make the difference between detecting events like frozen pipes or a leaking dishwasher when they are annoying clean-ups and not catastrophic rebuilds. You have the ability to see what’s happening and react to stop problems in real-time.

How Smart Home Technology
actually works in your home

Plus a Pound of Cure

Accidents still happen, though, so in addition to smart home prevention, you also get the protection of Homeowner’s insurance, designed, just like everything we do, with your needs front and center.

Let’s Connect Your Dots

Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll design a starter smart home package and customize your homeowner’s insurance policy so it’s just right for you.

You’ll also get preventative maintenance tools and insurance savings that over time will lead to lower home maintenance costs.