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Save up to 15%
on Home Insurance

And Get Free 24/7 Security
Equipment & Monitoring


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Now insurance means a promise to pay, prevent and protect. You get smart home, security, and savings!

Smartinsure is an insurance agency. We give you a smart home package and 24/7 monitored security standard with every policy. That means peace of mind and discounts on your policy. Isn’t it time insurance started preventing bad things from happening and saving you money?

Smartinsure is pioneering a new future for insurance that adds up to more savings, more peace of mind and just better insurance for our customers.

home insurance

home security monitoring included

smart home

Home8 app

Home8 is one of the best smart home apps in the world. Not only can you run your security system on it, you can also connect all smart home devices to it and automate your home - just call or chat with us and we’ll help!


When you sign up with Smartinsure, you get an easy-to-install StarterKit. *

Each kit includes two cameras, a smoke and carbon monoxide companion siren, five window and door sensors, four water sensors, and a shutoff valve if your house has the matching slip valve. The kit takes around 30 minutes to set up by you or a service professional. You will be up and running, managing and monitoring your home on the day it arrives. And if you refer a friend that becomes a customer we’ll do the install for you and them on us.

(*) For customer use as long as they are a Smartinsure customer.

All Controlled by Home8 App
and Powered by Smartinsure's 24/7 Monitoring


Two Cameras

1080P Full HD live stream direct to your smartphone day or night with night vision

Detects and outlines motion in both live stream and playback video modes


4 water sensors

Detect water leaks where they happen most often:

  • Kitchen
  • Laundry room
  • Bathrooms
  • Basement

Security Alarm Kit

Covers most homes’ first floors

Super easy Install

8-hours of backup battery power


Fire/CO Companion Siren

Wireless range extender that increases the maximum possible distance between a fire/smoke/CO detection and delivers an audible alert greater than 85dB to notify occupants and/or scare burglars.

Last for 10 years on single battery


Auto shutoff valve

(where the home has quarter turn ball valve)

Shut or open the valve automatically from your smart phone

If a leak is detected, the valve will turn off the water within 60 seconds


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